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Member of the Year



Name:  Tom Weaver

Born in Niagara Falls, NY (a long...long...long time ago)


I have 3 wonderful children who are all grown as well as 4 fantastic grand children. I'm very fortunate to say the least. I have had about 5 mustangs thru my life and have enjoyed every minute with them.  My father bought a 66 mustang, that got me hooked on mustangs at an early age.   

My current Mustang is an oxford white 2019 Mustang GT.  I've always enjoyed doing mods to my cars to make them unique. If I can't do the work my oldest son is a mechanic so it is very convenient...lifts, tools and I get father

Being a long standing member of RCM has been pure joy. Super people, a trove of family events through out the year. The leadership of the club is nothing short of  top shelf. 

I look forward to every car season as they roll around. Here's a tip for ya's...If you want to stay young, get a mustang , join RCM and enjoy.

Growing up in Niagara Falls, one of six siblings I played a lot of high school baseball and organized hockey. Wanted to be a pro hockey player. Oh well, that never happened. I still enjoy hockey quite a bit...Go Bruins!!!

When I graduated from LaSalle high school I immediately went into the Air Force during the Vietnam era. I spent 4 years in the USAF as member of the Air Police. Spent 2 years in Okinawa, half a year in Taiwan and a year and a half in Montana.  I enjoyed it. Very good learning experience. Just shortly before leaving the AF I did a correspondence course in computers (no online back then). Once I left Montana I was lucky to get a job as a computer operator in Rochester. Very fortunate to be with people who gave me chances to move up the ranks in IT. I was doing computer programming, project manager duties as well as a database administrator.

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