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Member of the Year



Name:  Matthew Picco

Age:  22

Nickname(s):  Matt and Lid aka LID Enterprises

Born in Rochester, NY on October 31, 2000



When Matt was younger he wanted to be an anesthesiologist, which changed to wanting to pursue a nursing career, and finally fell in love with working on cars and currently work with a very supportive and dedicated company.

Matt graduated from Greece Athena High School and went on to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Sociomedical Science with a minor in Biology from SUNY Geneseo.  Matt is a current supporter of mental health awareness and heart health causes and is passionate about helping others in any way he can.

Matt's immediate family consists of an older sister (Madeline), his mother (Wendy, his father (Robert), and his Stepdad (Mark).  During his off time, Matt enjoys working on his mustang and truck, as well as helping other people modify their vehicles and tinkering with automotive lighting.  He also enjoys hunting, going to the range, and hiking, and as an Eagle Scout, he assists the Boy Scouts of America with several projects throughout the year.  Matt also holds a Black Belt in Karate.

The most influential person in Matt's life is his mother Wendy, "she's always been there for me and taught me some very important life lessons".   An interesting fact about Matt is that he refuses to let someone else work on his car or truck and wants to someday open his own auto modification shop. 


Matt is a very humble, intelligent, determined, quality-focused young man, and it is a pleasure to have him in the RCM family!

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