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Our Story

The Roc City Mustangz (RCM) was established by current Club President Chris Washington in March of 2011.  After joining another local Mustang club for an event, Mr. Washington felt as though he was left out, not included, and overall not welcome.  RCM was formed the very next day with its main purpose to foster an environment of friendship with like-minded Mustang enthusiasts.  We like to say, " we are not just a car club, we are family".  


Events we have scheduled throughout the year are geared toward that philosophy and not all are Mustang-specific.   Events such as Date Nights for our couples, Movie Nights, Wine Tours, and Game Nights, in addition to our scheduled Cruises, Car Shows, Club Picnic, Christmas Party, etc.  We are a highly active group with deep ties to our local community.



















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